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Staywell Otc Account Login

You can login Staywell Otc account online from here, look at the given steps, follow them one by one and see you will access your Staywell Otc account easily.

Last Updated: 18th February, 2020

1. Over-the-Counter WellCare

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Over-the-Counter WellCare

Your health, as well as your family's, is important to us here at Staywell. One way you can help to be your healthiest is by using your OTC benefit. With this benefit, you …
2. WellCare of Florida, Inc : Login

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WellCare of Florida, Inc : Login

If you are a Medicare or PDP member, please log in here. Forgot Your Password? Need an account? Register now.
3. Over the Counter WellCare

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Over the Counter WellCare

As a part of your plan, you have an over the counter (OTC) benefit. We give you a fixed dollar amount to buy the OTC medications and products you need to stay well. These are everyday things like bandages, pain relievers, cold remedies, toothpaste and much more. You have the flexibility to …
4. Welcome to Staywell WellCare

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Welcome to Staywell WellCare

To enroll with Staywell, you must be eligible for Florida Medicaid. You can call Medicaid Choice Counseling toll-free at 1-877-711-3662 (TTY 1-866-467-4970), Monday–Thursday, 8 a.m.–8 p.m., and Friday, 8 a.m.–7 p.m.You can also visit the SMMC website at Medicaid Choice Counselor will help you select a plan.
5. Welcome to Staywell! WellCare

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Welcome to Staywell! WellCare

Thank you for being a member of our family! We know you have lots of choices for healthcare coverage. We appreciate the trust you place in us to help you get the care you need to stay healthy.
6. Benefits WellCare

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Benefits WellCare

Over-the-Counter Catalog - Specialty Plan The Over-the-Counter Catalog includes a detailed list of available items from allergy medications to sunblock to vitamins. It also includes easy instructions on …
7. Welcome to StayWell Online

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Welcome to StayWell Online

Welcome to StayWell Online® Are you ready to take that first step toward becoming healthy? It starts with knowledge, which becomes power—power to change your life in more ways than you ever thought possible. Through the StayWell Online website, you can access tools, news and resources to help you along your journey toward good health.
8. Login - WellCare

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Login - WellCare

At this time, our customer service team can only provide you with assistance with claim status, auth status, eligibility, benefits or any other general questions you may have. We encourage you to utilize the self-service tools in our Secure Provider Portal.