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Broward Sso Identity Account Login

You can login Broward Sso Identity account online from here, look at the given steps, follow them one by one and see you will access your Broward Sso Identity account easily.

Last Updated: 18th February, 2020

1. Information & Technology / Single Sign-On

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Information & Technology / Single Sign-On

This is the same Single Sign‐on Solution already used for over 40 different student applications. Students will continue to go to where they will be taken directly to the new Clever login page below.
2. Broward County Public Schools Single Sign-On

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Broward County Public Schools Single Sign-On

Broward County Public Schools Single Sign-On The links below will allow students, parents, and staff to gain access to District's most commonly used applications. All data and application settings for the programs below will be the same as when you logged in with the previous launchpad.
3. Broward SSO / Logging into Broward SSO

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Broward SSO / Logging into Broward SSO

Welcome to Broward SSO! ... After the initial login, students will be required to set up alternate authentication (also known as strong authentication) information. Alternate authentication is a method of verifying the user’s identity. Follow the prompts to select three security questions from the drop-down boxes and type in the answer for ...
4. Student Resources / Broward Single Sign-On

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Student Resources / Broward Single Sign-On

Visit Broward SSO Launchpad . Has your child logged into Single Sign-On? It’s Broward’s one-stop access to most of the website applications students use. This currently includes access to Destiny, Discovery Education, Atomic Learning, and Office 365.Phone: (754) 322-9090
5. Students / SSO Single Sign on

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Students / SSO Single Sign on

The Broward SSO Launchpad also provides a way for you to manage your own password from anywhere, using the new self-service password reset tool. In order to start using Broward SSO there will be a onetime registration process.
6. Students / SSO

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Students / SSO

Pasadena Lakes Elementary Broward County Public Schools. Translate. District HomePhone: (754) 323-6940